Elegant Trogon

“Just listen for the barking seal sound and he’ll be much closer than he sounds” Steve, the owner of the Santa Rita lodge tells me as I ask where to go to try and spot the elegant trogon.  He points me in the direction of the Carrie Nation Trail and wishes me luck.  Luck is … More Elegant Trogon

Weekend Wandering: De Anza Trail and Tumacacori National Historic Park

Well my weekend is more in the middle of the week, which gives me the luxury of checking out places when everyone else is stuck at work.  I’ve been finding myself being the only exploring an entire historic park and I kind of dig it. On a quest to find the Rose-throated Becard I headed … More Weekend Wandering: De Anza Trail and Tumacacori National Historic Park

Gray Hawk

On a mission to hit 500 species on my life list, I’ve been heading out and about every week in search of new species.  There are some species, however, that are on the top of the list of what I am dying to see and the Gray Hawk is one of them.  There is something … More Gray Hawk

Weekend Wandering: Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum 2021 N. Kinney Rd. Tucson, AZ 85743 When you move to a new state everything is new and exciting.  After living here for a bit you soon learn what are the top-notch places to visit and from day one Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum was one of those things.  Pretty quickly everyone was asking … More Weekend Wandering: Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum


I had seen coatis before while working in Costa Rica, but I never realized that they actually lived here in the states and I certainly didn’t realize they would be my new co-workers.  My experience with them have been entertaining to say the least. While out hiking in Monteverde, Costa Rica I found a spot … More Coati

Cattle Egret

Have you ever stared out into a fild and seen a bunch of white birds standing tall amongst the cattle.  Perhaps you think that is odd, I usually see these tall lanky birds by rivers and ponds and yet here a bunch of them stand.  They are indeed egrets and they are indeed hanging out with … More Cattle Egret

A Day Off

So guys I have a question for you.  You have a couple days off in a row, what do you do? I pose this questions because today I’m doing a whole lot of nothing and this is making me feel incredibly lazy and even slightly anxious.  Since moving to Arizona, every opportunity I get I … More A Day Off

Bark Scorpion

You say the word scorpion and people jump.  They look around and wonder where they should stomp their foot.  But scorpions need love too!  They are one of the most interesting creatures that scurry around the desert floor and yet everyone seems to go ewww and run when they are spotted. I suppose in the … More Bark Scorpion