Chipmunk Madness

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been seeing the chipmunks like crazy stock piling for the winter.  Their cheeks filled with seeds and nuts that they have found from the trees getting rid of their acorns.  I can’t help but love these little guys who dash into hiding as soon as you get a … More Chipmunk Madness

White Tailed Deer

Here in Northern New Jersey you can’t get away from the White Tailed Deer, they seem to be everywhere.  Taking a run at dusk that past a field, you’ll probably find them out there.  Walking the dog through your neighborhood, you may find them moseying along.  Driving back roads, their glowing eyes looking back at … More White Tailed Deer

Apples Galore

What comes to mind when you thing of fall?  Leaves changing, pumpkin picking and maybe apples, just apples in general?  That was our focus this past weekend, when we decided to head to New York state to drink some cider and check out the largest Applefest on the east coast. We left early and headed … More Apples Galore

Great Blue Heron

I have a thing for really tall birds.  The way they move slowly through the water searching for prey or when they fly they kinda look like pterodactyl, I’ve always loved them.  When I use to give tours to point out wildlife I would scan the shoreline for the Great Blue Heron and just cross … More Great Blue Heron