Snow Goose

When I went to Edwin B. Forsythe for the first time I had one mission, find the Snowy Owl.  I was successful with that, but I was also incredibly fortunate to spot hundreds of snow geese fly above me and land right in front of us.  Unfortuantly, I was being a little mopping after attempting … More Snow Goose

Redhead Duck

Alright, when I found out there was a duck called a Redhead that was being spotted 10 minutes away from my house I had to go over and check them out.  I mean we are kindred spirits!  And ironically there was an awesome winter duck spot that I was totally oblivious about (this month-long hiatus … More Redhead Duck

Harlequin Duck

The amount of birds that call New Jersey their winter home is rather staggering.  Maybe I find this so surprising because if I wanted to go somewhere “warmer” for winter I’d make my way to Florida, but when you are coming from Northern Canada and Greenland I suppose a Jersey winter is warm. One of … More Harlequin Duck

Snowy Owl

Ever since a park patron walked into my visitor center to show off his amazing photos of a snowy owl I’ve been determined to have that same experience.  Despite my attempt to locate one, I’ve always failed.  Then I left the counties that they had been spotted in, and then the state so my opportunities … More Snowy Owl