Swan Time

Noone can deny the fact that swans are probably one of the most majestic birds out there.  Whether it’s soaring above you high in the sky or gracefully drifting around in a lake, these beautiful birds don’t fail to impress.  Because of such elegance and beauty, swans are at the forefront of many fairytales, legends, … More Swan Time

Northern Cardinal

Probably one of the most recognizable birds out there in America is the Northern Cardinal.  It’s bright red plumage makes it stand out to even the most beginner birder.  And you don’t even have to be a birder to take note of these stunning little birds, you just have to be a sports fan.  Flying in … More Northern Cardinal


So I just saw a preview for Peter Rabbit and felt myself inclined to make this weeks Wildlife Wednesday the cottontail! Can anyone deny the cuteness of a cottontail rabbit?  The answer to this is no.  They hop around on their massive feet with their goofy ears in the air.  They got that little bushy … More Cottontail