Coyote Time

Although are making more appearances here in New Jersey, I’ve yet to spot one.  I have, however, been lucky enough to find one lurking around in the snow of Montana.  Mozing around all on its lonesome, the coyote didn’t even look up at us as we snapped a ton of photos!  Smaller than your wolf, … More Coyote Time

Red Tailed Hawk

I remember as a kid seeing a red tailed hawk fly above me and the way that tail seemed to glow such a bright red.  It was probably the first raptor I had ever seen and I feel in love.  The way they soar above you, just gliding on the unseen thermals always fascinated me.  … More Red Tailed Hawk

Go Big or Go Home

I tend to be on the extreme end of a budget traveler.  I’m game for dingy looking hostels and street food of questionable origin.  Derik tends to want to go big wherever we go, find a nice hotel and maybe a fancy meal with a bottle of wine.  This could lead to us butting heads … More Go Big or Go Home