Mountain Porn

“I don’t care about below, I’m here for the mountain porn” – Derik Bowen                 He’s so eloquent as we ride the cable car up to the second to last stop up the Eiger.  It is true, our focus on this trip has been very mountain driven.  We started with the Three Sisters in Liechtenstein … More Mountain Porn

Caiman Time

Okay am I the only one who finds this guy utterly adorable?  Caimans can be found throughout Central and South America hanging out in rivers and swamps just like this guy.  While taking a tour in Totuguero National Park in Costa Rica, our boat came to a stop and we were told to spot the … More Caiman Time

Alpine Adventures

For whatever reason Switzerland was not exactly top of my list of places to go.  I knew Derik was dying to get there for all the mountains and what not but in my mind, it was just an expensive country of watches and chocolate.  Boy was I wrong. One of my favorite places that we … More Alpine Adventures

Blue Crowned Motmot

Nothing is more exciting than stumbling upon a bird as beautiful as the Blue Crowned Motmot.  With its electric blue crown, chestnut colored chest and bright green back your eyes immediately gravitate to this beautiful bird.  While trekking through Montverde’s cloud forest I was fortunate to stumble across a very brave Motmot who just posed … More Blue Crowned Motmot