Great Blue Heron

I have a thing for really tall birds.  The way they move slowly through the water searching for prey or when they fly they kinda look like pterodactyl, I’ve always loved them.  When I use to give tours to point out wildlife I would scan the shoreline for the Great Blue Heron and just cross … More Great Blue Heron

Sussex Branch Trail

It is officially fall although the weather seems to think it is still summer.  Despite that, the leaves are beginning to change and now is the opportunity to get out there and explore!  Since it looks like this may be my last proper fall in awhile we have to get out there and enjoy every … More Sussex Branch Trail

Mischievous Monkeys

It is fair to say that I have a love hate relationship with monkeys.  From afar they are adorable as they climb up and down trees, search each other’s furs for a tasty treat and even use tools much like people.  Up close they look like a terrifying menace with those massive canines and the … More Mischievous Monkeys

Sunflowers Galore

With limited time to accomplish everything on our Tri State Bucket List some things are pushed to the top simply because they are time sensitive!  For instance, the sunflower maze.  I mean as much as I would love sunflowers to be around all year, the fact is you get only a few weeks that the … More Sunflowers Galore

Wanderlust 108

When the opportunity arises to do yoga all day with a bunch of amazing people you simply have to grab it.  After spending a week in Guatemala with some beautiful people, Wanderlust 108 was gonna be in our area and after shooting each other a bunch of texts we were all on board. What is … More Wanderlust 108

The Hoot Owl

Never heard of this one before?  That’s probably because its more common name is the Great Horned Owl and it is hands down one of the most impressive owls found here in North America.  Although they are the most commonly spotted owl out there, I’ve still found myself begging for the opportunity to see them … More The Hoot Owl

Busting Broadway! Tips and Tricks for Cheap Broadway Tixs

So you’ve planned a trip to New York City and like most visitors you have Broadway on your list right? At least until you see the sticker price  just to get inside a theater is nearly $100 dollars for most shows and starts at a whopping $285 to see shows like Hamilton! So now your … More Busting Broadway! Tips and Tricks for Cheap Broadway Tixs