Antigua, Guatemala

Our trip to Guatemala started out in Antigua, a rather well known area of Guatemala due to its history, amazing architecture and the fact that it is now an UNESCO site.  We arrived a day early so that we could have some down time before the whirl wind of building and yoga.  This also provided … More Antigua, Guatemala

Bears, Bears, Bears

Bears have been in the news a lot lately but what do you really know about them?  Are they these mean snarling animals that the news has been portraying them?  Do they come bounding out of the woods in a desperate attempt to eat human flesh?  Of course not, they aren’t zombies! I don’t know … More Bears, Bears, Bears

We Do This For Fun?

Let’s go backpacking this weekend, he said.  We can camp under the stars and eat dried food, he said.  It will be fun, he said.  We do this for fun? I asked. I’ve slept in tents before, I’ve worn backpacks half my weight around the world, but I’ve actually never put the two together in … More We Do This For Fun?

Foodies in OBX

When you are heading down to the Outer Banks with your fast food wrapper laying on the floor of your car and you pass billboard sign after billboard sign of delicious barbeque or amazingly fresh seafood your mouth begins to water.  You roll down the windows to air out the stench of fast foodiness and … More Foodies in OBX